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Blockmec Technology is the fin tech devision of ERUMEC GLOBAL ENGINEERING SERVICES RESOURCES LIMITED A MULTI-PURPOSE Nigerian Based Company that have decided to leverage from the Blockchain technology by building the biggest and largest crypto project from Africa The Blockmec Wallet allows you to send, receive and store cryptocurrency Using Nairadot coins as it’s mother coin NairaDot coins is a real gross settlement system currency exchange and remittance network a project released under BLM-72 creation and transfer of coin is based on the blockmec network an open source cryptographic protocol that allows the building of DApps and Smart contract on the Blockmec Network.


BLOCKMEC wallet has a systemised network that enables it to house so many DAPPs in the network. DAPPs built under our network will be monitored and viewed under our larger network. This system will enable the BLOCKMEC network to track any transaction in the BLOCKMEC ecosystem through the transaction number generated by the BLMHA protocol. Given this distinct feature, it will be apt to say that under the BLOCKMEC technology, unauthorized transaction can be tracked and reversed to the sender wallet upon report of such transaction and after proper enquiries and investigations are carried out. One of the fundamental features of BLOCKMEC technology is its capacity to incorporate and house many DAPPs and other coins apart from nairadot coin which is the principal coin while providing numerous foreign currencies for exchange. In BLOCKMEC technology, nairadot coin is the principal protocol coin of the BLOCKMEC network making it the principal coin of the wallet.

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Best Features

Token protocol

Protocol coins or tokens are cryptographic tokens that are required to access the service that the underlying protocol provides. Usually, Apps or DAPPS are created on this protocols.

Smart Contract

BLOCKMEC has designed four different programs to ensure effective distribution and usage of nairadot.

Decentralised Application (DAPP)

A decentralized application is a computer application that runs on a distributed computing system.

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